ShotGun Beneli M3 Super90

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ShotGun Benelli M3 Super90

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The M3 Super 90 is available with a standard “hunting” buttstock or a pistol grip stock for better control. Shown above is with folding bus tock and pistol grip. The barrel is threaded for use with a variety of attachments. These include adjustable chokes, door breachers, and recoil compensators. The weapon also includes a “ghost-ring” sighting system which allows the firer to aim with both eyes open if the manual sighting is used.

Weight:7.6 pounds ( 3.45 kg)
Chamber:12 Gauge
Barrel Length:19.75 inches ( 50.16 cm)
Overall Length:41 inches ( 104 cm), 31 inches ( 78.7 cm) with stock folded
Action:Gas Operated or Pump Action Selectable
Mode of Fire:Semi-Automatic or Pump Action
Range:300 ft ( 90 m)
Magazine:8+1 rounds
Made in:Italy
Special:Able to switch between Semi-Auto and Pump-Action. Can use a variety of different attachments.

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